Zed Audio Out of Business

Yes. If this were true, why is there still a company in business? Just because car audio competition isn`t 99% SQ and 1% SPL doesn`t mean it`s zero. Usually, I don`t call someone as often, but if someone else reads what you posted, you`ll destroy the car stereo even more. At this point, bass trucks and bass vans appeared. Example orion HCCA trucks. INSAINE still today. Well, the big sound vans were getting all the attention during the shows and that`s when spl started. Guys like Shaker were coming from Boston and they were building bigger and bigger and didn`t care how things sounded. It was just noisy. Then the competition seen started to change because of the whole scam and they went to the size of the cone.

You can count the speakers in a car and there the size very easily. Well, when that happened, everything changed. This is the beginning of the monster drivers you see now. Compete with 1 12 and do NOT put 10k watts into a good idea. But there were other things going on. The kids just wanted cheap bass. What they could afford. Remember that I said target market. Those big A/B amps that kids couldn`t buy. Without the big three, you wouldn`t be able to do them.

Find an alternator store in 1990 and let them blow you by hand, your was a bit out of reach of most kids. Car radios at $20,000. It wasn`t what people wanted. The kids wanted to spend $500 and look cool with bass. At the time, there was a reason why all the cars of the drug traffickers slammed hard. That`s because they were the only ones who had a lot of money. Well, all of this has spelled DOOM for all high-end companies, Orion PPI announces hifonics and so on. and they all went bankrupt.

These are the dark days of the car radio. All the big players stuck together, with the exception of MTX and Fosgate, which made cheap equipment. I know I`ll hear it from the Fosgate guys, but the Punch 1000 and 650 were just good amplifiers and they were out of reach for most. So they were all caught by companies in Southeast Asia that just knew how to do. No real audio equipment. They bought the names and separated the companies and designers. DEI, which made billions with Viper car alarms in the 80s and 90s, bought most of them and then tried to invent FAIL directed audio. Then they tried to put the old names on their trash, failed, and then realized they needed to make better equipment and started reinventing the brands they were buying.

Now, if you are a pimp, you must have bass in your car. It`s like a given god just when you think you`re cool. Thus, every child on the planet wants a system. Well, the average 19-year-old doesn`t care what it looks like, he just wants to be noticed and companies know it. So they start building just for loud. Class D amplifiers come into play because they are cheap to build and operate with 1/2 current of a class a/b. So now a child can put a 1500 watt wink for $300 in his trunk and doesn`t need to use a charging system. who cares how it sounds. Better yet, we just won`t notice the thd LOL LOL specification it`s only 2% they won`t notice LOL It`s cheap and it works. Spl trucks conquer comps and everyone wants to be noisy.

Damn, I don`t even see door speakers half the time, even more LOL LOL custom stores are starting to fail. No one wants to pay 3k for an installation. They want a $50 box that, at best, is broken by an 18-year-old who knows nothing and an amplifier from Southeast Asia. Add a monster subwoofer and here we are today. Now the d classes are improving, and this is mainly due to new American companies. Submarines are huge big monsters that sound like, but a massive push of spl and the world turns as I roll my eyes and laugh at any sound system that is so poorly designed that all I can do is laugh. But that`s what car audio has become. OK, the death of the car radio.

I think you have to understand the whole story. what happened and why. Well, it all comes down to the consumers and who your target market is. When Car Audio was first released, it was a hobby for most. The people who moved the industry forward and made the industry exist as a whole where the home audio guys were. They did things like audio at home. They built the best they could build without protecting the price. They built precise equipment.

The United States was the king of well-built amplifiers by hand. No one has touched American Made Hands Down, Series 5,6,7,8 Hifonics, Earthquakes, Displays, Soundstream, PPI, Phoenix Gold, Hafler, Lanzar so many classic design amps. That`s how competitions and the IASCA come in. People build sound systems very differently because the rules were different. You`ve been in watt classes and it was REALLY about sound quality and installation, so what happened then, okay. Well, three things. Early amp companies started building stable amps at very low ohm values, and these are the days of cheating amps. 100 watt amps with 1800 watts at 1 ohm, decked on very crazy handmade passive crossovers and stacked multi-submarine systems. But you only had 200 watts and crushed fools. Well, now you`re trying to get closer to a guy who has 10 times more money in equipment than you, but uses the same power. They were also people hiding amps in their cars and cheating.

You see, you could have as many pilots as you wanted, at the time it didn`t matter. This is how an insaine fight Amp Construction with the factories began. See ever company wanted to be the best every year. They wanted to be number one and hold the trophies of the year. That`s where it gets pretty funny. Companies started lying, they put fake powers on their amps and claimed things that never came true. Orion called on everything with concept enhancers. LOL What they did was take an xtr2250 beast and put it into a 97.3 concept. But all it is is a chrome case. Same amplifier. Then they said it would work at dead shorts and would only be a 2 watt amplifier.

LOL LOL is funny, some people still think that the specifications of these amplifiers were true, but everything was wrong. It`s just an xtr2250. They did it to prove that a company could say anything and cheat. Well, that changed things. and so you`ll be surprised at what has evolved from the last 30 years of audio to what it is now. .